Top Rated Granite Countertops in Charlotte NC & Columbia SC

What is Granite? Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma, that can be found in many different types of colors, ranging from dark granite to light granite colors. It is a very hard granite quarry resized 600 Graniteand tough rock that can be found all over the Earth, in many different countries and places.

Granite comes from the Earth. It is mined from the ground all over the Earth at granite quarries. (Granite Quarry to the left)
Rock hidden beneath the surface is cut out and then polished — granite rock transformed into beautiful granite slabs that can then be cut into granite countertops.

We install Granite Countertops in all of Charlotte NC and Columbia SC. We use advanced technology every step of the way with your granite countertop installation. We use a highly advanced computer laser templating device to template your cabinet space and countertops. This gives us the exact, perfect dimensions for your countertop.

Come to our Charlotte showroom to pick out your 3CM slab. We are very picky when our slabs are delivered and only keep the best quality, best looking slabs in our granite yard. Pick the slab you like best for your countertop installation.

At our Charlotte and Columbia fabrication shop, we use only the best tools and equipment to cut your countertop. Every edge is custom cut to perfection, giving you the absolute best quality work.

At installation, you will meet our best installers. These installers have been working with granite countertops for several years and know what they are doing. They have advanced seam technology equipment to use on your granite seams during installation (that is, if you have any seams at all!). This seam equipment will tighten the two sides of granite together as closely as possible, giving you the tightest seam, making it nearly invisible to sight or touch.

 Complete Working Kitchen in 1 Day

Most kitchens can have the old tops removed and new tops installed in just one day.
We also an arrange to have our plumber on site the SAME DAY to reconnect your plumbing and ensure your faucet is working.

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